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Marketing Mastermind | Spring 2024

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You're going to absolutely LOVE connecting and growing with other sellers in the Mini Mastermind!

It's a great way to learn, network, and build connections before making a bigger commitment to coaching or a membership.

*This is a paid mastermind to ensure participant commitment and to ensure we can pay guest speakers & coaches.

22 Units

Know Your Nano-Niche Workshop

In this workshop, you're going to figure out EXACTLY what your nano-niche is. This will help you stand out and brand up in the saturated marketplace that is TeachersPayTeachers.

How to Get More Sales, Reviews and Followers on TpT

Before you even join the Mini Marketing Mastermind, learn the ultimate secret behind getting more sales, reviews, and followers on TeachersPayTeachers.

Quality Product Creation Workshop

During this live training and hot seat coaching call, you'll learn how to make quality resources that bring you repeat business and referrals.

Your Product Listing is a Funnel

Ok, so your product listing is a funnel - but what does that even mean? What's being funneled, who's it being funneled to, and what's the benefit of all this?! You'll get a crash course in marketing strategy from someone who really knows marketing on TpT.

Product Listing Optimization Workshop

Every component of a product listing on TeachersPayTeachers is designed to help the buyer decide to sell. The title helps it get found in search. The cover photo stops the scroll. The video preview helps the buyer envision them using it, and the PDF preview shows the buyer what they're getting. Let's make sure you have the best shot at getting your resources seen and sold!

SEO for TPT Workshop

This week, we're specifically focusing on search engine optimization for TpT. We'll learn how to do keyword research, how to check our product's ranking, and some other tips to help our resources land on the first page.

Pinterest for TPT Traffic Workshop

This week, we're going to learn what's working on Pinterest right now (and it's not just about Idea Pins!). We'll hear what other sellers are doing, and we'll setup collaboration opportunities to help each other get traffic.

List-Building With Lead Pages Workshop

It's absolutely possible to start building your email list NOW - even if you don't have a blog, YouTube channel or podcast yet! This week, we're focusing on list-building strategies that don't require any form of long-form content. If you DO have long-form content though, still tune in - because you'll learn ways to better utilize lead magnets and opt-ins for list-building.

How to Grow Your TPT Business Through Podcasting

This week, it's all about podcasing for your TPT business. Learn how to start a podcast, ways to grow your podcast, how to network with your podcast, and even some ways to monetize it.

How to Grow Your TPT Business With YouTube

This week, it's all about YouTube for your TPT business. Learn how to start a channel, get more subscribers, all about YouTube shorts, and even some ways to monetize your content.

How to Grow Your TPT Business Through Blogging

This week, it's all about blogging for your TPT business. Learn how to start a blog, ways to get more traffic to your site, tips for building funnels to your products, and how you can even monetize your site. We'll also discuss WooCommerce and tips for setting up your own shop on your site, for those who are a ready to take their stores off of TPT.

How to Build an Audience on Instagram

Many will say that Instagram is on its way out, and that they don't get sales from there. But the truth is? Once you know how to use the platform strategically, you can get a ton of sales from there. It's also an incredibly powerful tool for networking, collaborations, and brand awareness. I can't wait for us to dive in!

How to Grow a Following on TikTok

In this bonus session, we'll learn what TikTok has done for the teacher space - and how you can leverage TikTok to grow your TPT business (even if you don't want to do any lip-syncing, pointing or dancing!).

How to Have a Second Email List Using Facebook

This week, it's ALL about community. I'll share what Facebook Groups have done for me, my business, and some of my clients' businesses. But most importantly, you'll also learn what other sellers are doing right now with their groups. I'm always impressed by what I see other sellers come up with!

Units for this course 22
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